Flatworms and Nemertean Worms

Roscadghill Parc Wildlife

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Flatworms / Planarians (Turbellaria)

Terrestrial Flatworms (Native Species)

Microplana scharffi - A Terrestrial Flatworm
Microplana terrestris - A Terrestrial Flatworm

Terrestrial Flatworms (Possibly Native Species)

Rhynchodemus sylvaticus - A Terrestrial Flatworm

Terrestrial Flatworms (Alien Species)

Australopacifica coxii ? - An Alien Geoplanid Flatworm

Kontikia andersoni - An Alien Geoplanid Flatworm
Kontikia ventrolineata - An Alien Geoplanid Flatworm

Marionfyfea adventor - Cambridgeshire Flatworm

Species unknown or unidentified
Geoplanid Flatworm (2) - 24.04.13

Ribbon, Proboscis or Nemertine Worms (Nemertea)

Terrestrial Nemertines (Alien Species)

Prosorhochmidae (Smiling Worms)

Argonemertes (sp. 1) - A Terrestrial Nemertine Worm
Argonemertes (sp. 2) - A Terrestrial Nemertine Worm

All the flatworm and nemertea species featured above have been found in a single 10m x 10m area of garden at Roscadghill Parc. To find this number is highly unusual and it can only be concluded that the conditions needed to support these types of organisms is near perfect. Species were found either amongst leaf, or in leaf litter under rocks, stones, wood, timber or carpet mats; many were also found close to prey, such as slugs or earthworms. The environment where they were found is very sheltered, shaded and south-west facing, so cool in summer and protected in winter.

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