The African Garden

An online resource dedicated to the photography and promotion
of South and Southern African species of bulbs and their hybrids.
Many images from NCCPG Plant Collections once held by David Fenwick.

The African Garden - Sitemap and Photographic Index
Sitemap and Photographic Index

African Bulb Images

Agapanthaceae - Nile Lily Family - Agapanthus

Alliaceae - Onion and Garlic Family - Tulbaghia

Amaryllidaceae - Amaryllis Family - Amaryllis, Crinum, Cyrtanthus, Haemanthus and Nerine

Araceae - Arum Family - Zantedeschia

Aspholdelaceae - Asphodel Family - Kniphofia

Colchicaceae - Chinese Lantern Lily Family - Sandersonia

Haemodoraceae - Red Root Family - Wachendorfia

Hyacinthaceae - Hyacinth Family - Albuca, Drimia, Eucomis, Galtonia, Ledebouria, Ornithogalum, Polyxena, Scilla and Veltheimia

Iridaceae - Iris Family - Babiana, Chasmanthe, Crocosmia, Dierama, Freesia, Gladiolus, Hesperantha, Hypoxis, Ixia, Melasphaerulea, Moraea, Rhodohypoxis, Romulea, Sparaxis, Tritonia and Watsonia

Strelitziaceae - Bird of Paradise Family - Strelitzia

African Plant Images

Trees and Shrubs (Euryops, Phygelis, Buddleja etc.)

Annuals and Perennials (Diascias, Osteospermums etc.)

African Succulent Plant Images

Succulents - Carpobrotus, Lampranthus etc. (Aizoaceae)

Succulents - Aloes etc. (Asphodelaceae)

Succulents - Crassula etc. (Crassulacaceae)

Succulents - Anacampseros etc. (Portulacaceae)